New School Year, New Me

I never felt the need to start a blog since I was always in the same 10 mile radius as anyone and everyone I talked to. Moving to college three years ago (holy crap.. that many?), has clearly changed that, as well as family and friends moving to different states and meeting people from other countries (okay, country… you know who you are, Kate). So I guess this blog is a way to share my life with them, as well as a journal for me. Hopefully this won’t end up like my pile of journals collecting dust in the corner of my room that number upwards of a billion.

Please bear with my terrible grammar and terribly boring life. This will be a chronicle of events that lead to the interesting life that I WILL have in the future. I will mix in whatever I feel like mixing in, like my opinions and neat things I come across that make my life slightly less boring.

Starting with the basics:

Location: that slightly larger than the smallest dot on the map, Iowa City, IA.

Studying (pre) Business at the University of Iowa.

I hate cats.

Thanks for your time thus far.